Fri 15 January 2021
Science and Technology 6 Ebrahimpour

Sensitive creatures

We always think that animals & plants don’t have sense. They are an object in human being mind. Every creature has complexities in creation but main common denominator of organism is having a positive or negative frequency. We know this vibration by the slang…
Fri 15 January 2021
Life Style 9 Fatemeh Abbas Zadeh

Gift for our

From the past until now, the use of vegetable oils has many uses, including the properties of these vegetable oils to improve skinand hair and sometimes for digestive health. Each of the vegetable oils depending on the plant used and temperament.Its base oil…
Fri 01 January 2021
Entertainment 24 Fatemeh Abbas Zadeh

Christian New Year or Christmas

((Christian New Year or Christmas ?))For those who do not celebrate New Year and Christmas, the question may be what is the difference between these two days? Are these two days different?Christmas is not the same as New Year. The Christmas celebration, which…
Wed 30 December 2020
Life Style 19 Fatemeh Abbas Zadeh

The most perfect women in the world

((The most perfect women in the world)) When we want to talk about , historical characters, heroes and celebrities, we first talk about the year of their birth , death , place of birth and their history , But in this article , we intend to address the social…

General Soleimani Iranian Hero

Mon 28 December 2020 Politic 20 (Chief Editor)
General soleimani was one of the prominent & strong men in that the defense of Islam &…

ارتباط با ما

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