Tue 13 April 2021
Life Style 1 Ebrahimpour

Benefits of fasting for the body

Benefits of fasting for the body: The health benefits of fasting have been medically and scientifically proven. These benefits include lowering blood pressure, detoxifying, relieving inflammatory diseases, lowering blood sugar, and breaking down fats. Most…
Sun 04 April 2021
Science and Technology 15 Fatemeh Abbas Zadeh

Throwing objects by children

((Throwing objects by children))One of the challenges that many parents face for their children is throwing things away.Many children have a very sensitive and fragile spirit, and this doubles the importance of parental interaction. Behaviors such as…
Mon 29 March 2021
Armageddon 14 Ebrahimpour

The promised Mahdi

He is the only child of Imam Askari (as), the eleventh Imam of the Shiites. The Imam of the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) was born at the dawn of mid-Sha'ban 255 AH in Samarra and after five years of living under the care of his noble parents Narjes Khatoon,…
Wed 24 March 2021
Iran 11 Ebrahimpour

Norooz a celebration dating back thousands of years

Norooz a celebration dating back thousands of years Norooz is the first day of the Iranian solar year, equal to the 1st of Farvardin, the celebration of the beginning of the Iranian New Year and one of the oldest celebrations left from the time of ancient…

Pleasant beauty

Tue 23 March 2021 Iran 11 Fatemeh Abbas Zadeh
(Pleasant beauty)When we talk about tourist areas and their attractions, the first things…

Iranians make the last Wednesday of the year memorable

Wed 17 March 2021 Iran 22 Ebrahimpour
Iranians make the last Wednesday of the year memorable Syrian Wednesday, also known as…

Muhammad the Messenger of God

Thu 11 March 2021 Life Style 30 Ebrahimpour
Muhammad the Messenger of God 27 Rajab Thirteen years before the emigration of Prophet…

The lady of poet &litrature

Tue 09 March 2021 Life Style 96 Fatemeh Abbas Zadeh
Lady Poet of IranRakhshandeh Etesami (25 March 1285 - 15 April 1320) is known as Parvin…

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